Monday, August 8, 2011

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Education Articles - Play Piano - Avoid the 7 Most Common Piano Practice Errors - Article Search EngineLet's go over the seven most common practice errors and the secrets to unlock flawless and effortless practice progress:
As a piano teacher or student are we not hearing these daily?
1. I just want to learn to play a piece – I do not have time for boring scales or theory
2. Metronome practice? You must be kidding!
3. The most important thing is to get the notes right
4. If you practice and make a mistake, just keep trying, eventually you will get it
5. Only people who cannot play piano need to write in finger numbers
6. Never mind practicing technique or learning theory, just practice a piece until you get it.
7. If I play a piece often enough I will be able to play it from memory.

Ever heard of these before? - Please, read the article to find my explanations! Enjoy and play well!

Monday, July 18, 2011

It Is So Easy to Learn All Major and Minor Piano Scales!

Are you an adult who always wanted to learn how to play scales and the difficulty of reading notes and sharps and flats prevented you? 
Now you have an opportunity that has never existed before and you can learn all Major and minor scales with correct traditional classical fingering and you do not need to read notes at all! you can just learn the scales one by one! Tale a look:

Please, enjoy a few of my FREE videos.

Absolutely anyone can open up the book Play Piano In All Keys Scales Only by Eva Martin Hollaus fingering charts and start playing all Major, harmonic, melodic and natural minor scales!

This is the book referenced in the video. I highly recommend it. There are no note reading skills required. Anyone can look at the hands and finger numbers and keys and note names diagram and start playing immediately. This book also teaches accurate traditional classical fingering; this way you know you cannot go wrong, even if you are preparing for a piano examination.

And did I mention this book is still ON SALE, as of July 18, 2011!

Scales Charts Only, Play Piano In All Keys  by Eva Martin Hollaus,
ISBN: 978-1-935967-05-7; 44 pages; 8.5"x11" coil bound
Take a look at the very easy instructions to get anyone started playing scales! You can watch the video right on this page:

Learning C Major scale one octave:

Be patient, it is not difficult, especially if you invest in the Play Piano In All Keys Scales Scales Only fingering charts. This book provides all 12 keys Major scales and harmonic, melodic and natural minor scales with accurate fingering.

After you have mastered one octave, you should immediately start playing two octaves:
Now, you have the very basic understanding on how to work through all scales in all twelve keys.

Get your copy of the Play Piano In All Keys Scales Only fingering charts today and start improving your scales immediately!   Purchase here:

Need more help? 
All scales course is coming soon!  
Scales course will be available at:

Learning scales could not be easier! Enjoy.